Ryan Oines

Ryan Oines is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced investor specialized in operations, finance, and business administration. He has been a key player in several start-ups ranging from the technology sector to wind energy. As an early, infusion and later stage investor, he attributes his entrepreneurial success to a focus on profitability, growth, and timely exits.

As vice president, Ryan oversees operations and finance while serving in a strategic advisory role as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, providing insight to the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship and its growth-company clients. His expertise is in analyzing processes, risk management, and strategic planning to accommodate growth. Ryan also operates as a private contractor implementing best practices in bookkeeping, financial processes, and human resources.

Ryan knows first-hand what Zeal can mean for an entrepreneur. One of his previous ventures, Logical Energy Solutions, was a client in 2011. Under his leadership and with Zeal’s support, the self-funded spin-off company of a previous investment reached $1 million in sales in its third year in business – a 200 percent increase in revenue.

Regardless of opportunities, Ryan has maintained his South Dakota roots. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the University of Sioux Falls. His entrepreneurial drive is fueled by the goal of giving back. He and his wife, Renae, remain committed to giving by supporting educational, faith-based, and human welfare charities.